Matt Sloan, Principal Osteopath

Matt is passionate in what osteopathy has to offer his patients.

“It has incredible value in addressing postural or movement asymmetries, muscle imbalance and tensions. This helps enhance the body’s function, which makes you feel better.”

However, there are often occasions where a muscle weakness can be identified and corrective strengthening exercise will be the ultimate way to correct this to achieve improved posture and movement and thereby reducing tissue strain and pain.

“These may be for changing postural or movement patterns or rehabilitating after injury or surgery. It can also be used to improve strength and conditioning, either to enhance athletic performance or simply to gain a greater level health and fitness.”

Qualifications and experience

Matt has worked as a registered osteopath in Tunbridge Wells for over 10 years. He graduated with a BOst from the British School of Osteopathy in 2006 and developed his expertise further by completing an MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy in 2008 from the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy in London. He worked part-time at the highly respected Osteopathic Centre for Children in London for three years before concentrating on his private practice.

Prior to this, Matt spent eight years working in the health and fitness industry as a versatile and experienced trainer. He co-founded a very successful running club in Tunbridge Wells in 2000 and worked with the Kent & Sussex hospital to help develop the town’s phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation programme. Both of these still flourish today.

A growing passion for rehabilitation led Matt to firstly study Pilates in 2001. Since then he has deepened his knowledge and completed many courses by some of the world’s most notable and progressive thinking experts in rehabilitation. Matt is a certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation Exercise Trainer and Functional Movement Practitioner.

Me time!

‘I enjoy a variety of sports and leisure activities and have completed half marathons and the London Marathon, as well as long charity bike rides. More recently, in my spare time, I have coached within the TWRFC mini’s section and am always kept very busy with my two active sons. Relaxing on the sofa is an absolute luxury!’

Registered with General Osteopathic Council & Insitute of Osteopathy

Matt is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC) and the Insitute of Osteopathy (IO).

Current CBS check

Matt has a current CBS check.

Recognised by all major health insurers

Matt is recognised by all major health insurers, with the exception of BUPA. (BUPA has been in dispute with GOSC over it’s capped fees).

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