Common Conditions

People come to us for many reasons but most commonly we treat:

• Minor sports injuries and tensions
• Joint pains including shoulder, elbow, hip and knee pain
• Acute & chronic backache, lumbago
• Sciatica
• Mechanical neck pain
• Headache or migraine arising from the neck (cervicogenic)
• Muscle spasms
• Generalised aches & pains
• Arthritic & rheumatic pain
• Circulatory problems
• Cramp
• Digestion problems
• Neuralgia
• Fibromyalgia
• Inability to relax

Persistent Pain

Most people who come to us are in pain or have difficulty moving. This is the body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Many of us just get used this pain and think we can ride it through or hope it improves by itself. However this is often not the case.

Pain can impact on your daily life, stop you going to work or playing your favourite sports. Even hindering you taking part in social activities. Even if your pain goes away by itself, it is not always an indication that the problem has gone away. You may find that the pain returns.

Osteopathy is a great treatment approach to help identify your problem, find a solution and get you and your family on the road to recovery. On top of this, our rehabilitation techniques and exercises will help you stay fitter for longer.

Babies and Children

We have a wealth of experience in treating babies and children. They, like you, have periods in their lives where they need help with problems to joints, muscles or nerves. These can be identified by:

• Stiff neck and movements – preferring to face or lie on one side
• Signs of flatness to the skull in young babies
• Poor or slow achievement in key developmental stages
• Limping or a crooked posture

Our treatments are safe and effective and can help children avoid future problems as they grow. After all, these are active little people who will stop at nothing.

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